iPhone 7 Headphone Jack

Gruber and The Verge talk about new iPhone dropping headphone jack.

What if Apple includes wireless Bluetooth headphones/earbuds that charge in the Lightning port like the Apple Pencil in a minute or two for hours of use? Space saved by removing jack allowed larger battery to do the charging. Seems like a good feature for a phone that is not supposed to have many new features.



Volunteer Computing

A few weeks ago I set up my iMac to do research using the BOINC volunteer computing program.

I picked two of many projects available to work on. SETI@home and the World Community Grid. I joined the Virginia Tech team for both.gabem67h4rb7golayyr7qsole

I was running the computer 24/7 anyway and I was able to tweek BOINC and each projects settings to barely heat up the processors (under 120F) and keep the fans on idle. SETI@home can use the GPU but there is no way to throttle it and it was running hotter than I felt comfortable with.