Citizens and Police

I think we need a new social and technological framework to solve problems with police to citizen encounters. We need to make policing and cooperation easier. There are too many unknowns in the current system. These 3 things are possible and would help make things better for all.

  • Right to peaceable arrest and detention.
  • Electronic ID of police and citizens.
  • Live public audio and video of every police encounter.

iPhone 7 Headphone Jack

Gruber and The Verge talk about new iPhone dropping headphone jack.

What if Apple includes wireless Bluetooth headphones/earbuds that charge in the Lightning port like the Apple Pencil in a minute or two for hours of use? Space saved by removing jack allowed larger battery to do the charging. Seems like a good feature for a phone that is not supposed to have many new features.



Volunteer Computing

A few weeks ago I set up my iMac to do research using the BOINC volunteer computing program.

I picked two of many projects available to work on. SETI@home and the World Community Grid. I joined the Virginia Tech team for both.gabem67h4rb7golayyr7qsole

I was running the computer 24/7 anyway and I was able to tweek BOINC and each projects settings to barely heat up the processors (under 120F) and keep the fans on idle. SETI@home can use the GPU but there is no way to throttle it and it was running hotter than I felt comfortable with.